Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel - Wedding Venue

The Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel seems as if it was built especially for intimate weddings. This idyllic stone chapel, fashioned after 16th century Gothic chapels, features a stone altar and magnificent stained glass windows. Its picturesque, lakeside setting is a lovely and inspiring location to begin your new life together. The Chapel features a rare, handmade Moller pipe organ and offers excellent natural acoustics.

Seating Capacity
Maximum 75 

Year Round*


  • Reservations are required to use the Chapel for wedding ceremonies, rehearsals and events.
  • The Facility Fee includes use of the Chapel for up to two (2) hours.
  • Rehearsals: Use of the Chapel for a rehearsal is included in the rental fee. Rehearsal date and time should be scheduled when the Chapel is reserved for the ceremony.
  • Gardens Admission: Wedding guests will be admitted to the Gardens at no charge on the day of the wedding, up to two (2) hours prior to the scheduled time of the wedding.
  • Rice, birdseed and sparklers may not be used because of the harm they cause wildlife and natural resources. The release of butterflies or any other living thing is not permitted, per Callaway Gardens’ agreement with the Department of Agriculture. Bubbles are permitted outside the Chapel.
  • Thanks to the natural beauty of the Chapel and its surroundings, most brides find additional decorations are not necessary. However, additional decorations are permitted, within reason, on the inside of the Chapel. The use of nails, staples or heavily gummed tape is not permitted. Decorations must be removed immediately following ceremony.
  • All existing features currently in the Chapel must remain in place.

For a general listing of the Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel, CLICK HERE.