Day Butterfly Center

Flights of fancy await you in the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center, where typically 1,000 or more butterflies flutter freely about in one of North America’s largest tropical butterfly conservatories. The Day Butterfly Center is a living, dynamic, glass-enclosed environment in which a variety of tropical plants nourish the residents and new arrivals emerge from their chrysalides, dry their wings and begin their very first wing-beats.

Every visit to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified Day Butterfly Center is a new experience. The plant palette constantly matures and changes, and the butterfly population, comprising more than 50 species, fluctuates in diversity and density due to influences such as amount of available sunshine, season of the year, temperature and stability of the ecosystem. Visit in September to see the planet's largest display of beautiful, iridescent Blue Morpho Butterflies during Blue Morpho Month.  To make the most of any visit, be sure to watch the film, "On Wings of Wonder", showing continuously throughout the day, creatively depticting the lifecyle of a butterfly in an educational and inspirational way.   

Every Monday through Friday at 2 p.m., join “Butterflies 101” for a 20-minute educational and informative lesson about butterflies.  Ask your questions and learn about butterflies’ life cycle and their miraculous metamorphosis, the differences between moths and butterflies, the incredible and mysterious monarch migration, and some behind-the-scenes details of the Butterfly Center.

During Summer months, join our experts to learn "Gardening for Butterflies." Learn how to attract butterflies to your garden not only for their beauty but for their help in pollination. You will learn how to incorporate the plants needed for all life stages of the butterfly. After the lesson, head to the Day Butterfly Center Gift Shop to purchase seeds to start your own butterfly garden!

Supporting Conservation

Your visit to Callaway Gardens and the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center supports the conservation of some of the world’s most-threatened natural habitats.  Our butterflies are purchased in the chrysalis stage from family-run butterfly farms in economically-challenged, tropical countries. 

Butterfly farms are dependent on healthy, undisturbed, natural ecosystems. As these small farms grow, their local economies grow and it becomes necessary to protect the rainforest.  Without this demand, the alternative would be for the local residents to possibly cut down the rainforest in search of other means to support their livelihood.

Thank you for your continued visitation and support.