Founders' Day

Callaway Gardens honors its founders each year on November 6 (Cason J. Callaway's birthday) and February 21 (Virginia Hand Callaway's birthday). Special organ concerts are played these days from noon to 4 p.m. at the Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel.

To celebrate our founders, we invite you to make a tax-deductible contribution to the 501(c)3 non-profit Ida Cason Callaway Foundation. Today, the Ida Cason Callaway Foundation owns and operates Callaway Gardens. Your gift will help continue the Foundation's environmental mission of conservation, education and land stewardship as well as expand and improve the Gardens. Without the generosity of donors like you, educational endeavors and enjoyment of the natural world would not be possible at Callaway Gardens.

How to Give:

Make check payable to the Ida Cason Callaway Foundation, indicate for Founders' Day, and mail to:
Ida Cason Callaway Foundation
Development Department
P.O. Box 2000, Pine Mountain, GA 31822-2000

Or, to contribute via major credit card online, CLICK HERE.