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Group offerings are taking a more holistic approach to providing groups with opportunities to meet goals, team build and build individual attendees whether for corporate, association, training...any group

Home of the world's largest, inland, manmade beach - Robin Lake Beach

Longleaf at Callaway is the first opportunity to live within Callaway Gardens in environmentally constructed EarthCraft House™ structures

World’s largest: azalea garden; inland, man-made beach; holly collection and more

Home to one of the best Summer family camps in the country - Summer Family Adventure

Home of the premier water ski tournament in the world, Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament

Summer home of the Florida State University Flying High Circus

Behind the Scenes tour opportunities at the butterfly center and more support and expand the education mission of Callaway Gardens

The first LEED certified business conference center in the world, LEED certified butterfly center and LEED-Gold certified Callaway Gardens Real Estate Center

Award-winning holiday light and sound display featuring more than 8 million lights - Fantasy In Lights

Everything that can be made with muscadines (jam, jelly, sauce, cider, dressing…)

One of the first resorts in the Southeast to use 100% Wind Power Credits for its electricity

Home to the Callaway Fitness Series that includes the oldest Triathlon in the continental United States, a Marathon (qualifier for the Boston Marathon), a Duathlon, a Sprint Triathlon (has become one of the largest in the Southeast in just a few years), a 10K and a Mountain Bike competition

September is Blue Morpho Month at the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center

Site of one of the nation's top Steeplechase horse events - proceeds benefit the arts

36 holes of Championship golf on Lake View (designed by Donald Ross' assistant J. B. McGovern and Cason Callaway) and Mountain View courses (12 time site of the PGA Tour's Buick Challenge)

Backyard Wildlife Garden, designated by the National Wildlife Federation as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat, serves as a model to guests on how to attract wildlife to their own backyards

The home where Cason and Virginia Callaway lived for many years has been placed on the National Register for Historic Places

Callaway Signature Plants including 'Callaway' Crabappble, 'Callaway Ginger,' 'D'Or' Chinese Holly, Plumleaf Azlaea and 'Hummingbird' clethra 

Callaway Gardens is famous for the great bass and bream fishing in the milder seasons and enjoyed during colder months for the great trout fishing

An incredible collection of unique and interesting art including the work of Athos Menaboni, Chevalier de Freminville, Trailer McQuilkin and Margery Godwin

Unique, educational workshops offered throughout the year

Guided hikes led by interpretive naturalists highlighting seasonal interest

Professionals in golf, tennis and fishing offer personalized training