Frequently Asked Questions - Careers

How do I apply for a job?
Download and complete our JOB APPLICATION and e-mail it along with your resume to


What happens once I submit an application?
Your application will be reviewed and your qualifications will be compared to the qualifications for the job for which you applied. If you are qualified, your application will be screened by the person(s) who will be supervising this position. The most qualified applicants will be contacted by the hiring supervisor or manager for an interview.


What should I expect in an interview?
First, you may be interviewed by a Human Resources Team Member. Then you will interview with the supervisor of the position. Depending upon the position you are applying for, you may also be interviewed by other Callaway Gardens staff members.


If I am selected for a position, when can I begin?
Most positions are available immediately. You will coordinate your starting date with your new supervisor and Human Resources.


What happens to my application if I interview but am not hired for the position?
Applications remain active for 90 days. After 90 days, you will need to contact us to renew your application.


When do my benefits take effect?
Some benefits begin immediately for all employees, such as Team Member discounts and Team Member privileges. For other benefits, such as insurance and vacation, you must be employed six months as a full-time Team Member before you are eligible to participate. Vacation is available in January following one year of continuous service.


Do you provide uniforms?
We provide uniforms for any job that requires a uniform. You will be fitted with the style specific to your department.


Will I have to work on weekends?
Callaway Gardens is open every day of the year, so many of our Team Members work on weekends and holidays. You may or may not work on weekends depending upon your job.


Do you have part-time jobs?
We have many part-time and temporary/seasonal positions, especially during special events and busy times of the year.


What is the minimum age for employment?
We require that our team members be at least 16 years old.