On-site group programs must be arranged in advance and are dependent on staff availability. Please call 706.663.5153 or email to schedule a group program.

Herbal Delights
Taste, touch, and smell the fragrance of fresh herbs. Then look and listen as an interpretive horticulturist explains how to make herbal vinegar and a variety of herbal spreads. Recipes and taste samples will be provided.
$250/45 minutes. Minimum 10 people. Call for pricing on groups of 50 or more.

Gardening for Butterflies
Learn how to lure these colorful insects into your yard and garden. We’ll introduce you to the plants butterflies prefer, as well as gardening techniques to make your garden a butterfly haven.
$150/1 hour. Minimum 10 people. 

Callaway: The Gardens and the Founders
Step back in time to explore the Gardens’ early beginnings. We’ll learn about the Callaway family and how their vision was realized.
$150/45 minutes. Minimum 10 people.

Container Gardening
Learn some helpful hints for gardening in containers. Space limited?  No problem!  You’ll find creativity is the name of the game!
$250/45 minutes. Minimum 10 people. Call for pricing on groups of 50 or more.

Christmas Decorations from Natural Materials
Learn how to make beautiful, elegant Christmas decorations using fresh materials gathered from the garden, roadside and your local grocery store or farmer’s market.
$250/1 hour. Minimum 10 people.


Seasonal Interest Walk
Education staff will introduce you to areas of seasonal interest as we stroll along one of Callaway Gardens’ trails.
$150 (6-20 people)/$200 (21-50 people)/ 1-1½ hours (¾–1 mile, moderately easy trail walk on uneven natural surface). Suitable for children ages 10 years and up. Children ages 10-16 must be accompanied by adult. Group must provide transportation to trail.


Raptor Meet & Greet
This program is perfect for coffee breaks, lunch and evening cocktails. In a casual setting, you’ll get “up close and personal” with one of Callaway Gardens’ resident raptors and learn about the unique adaptations that set them apart from other birds.
$200/30 minutes

Group Hawk Walk or Vulture Stroll
Ideal for nature lovers who yearn for more than a simple walk in the woods, Hawk Walks and Vulture Strolls feature a jaunt with a Callaway Gardens raptors in its natural environment.
$200/45 minutes. Maximum 15 people.

Birds of Prey “Insight” Program
Discover the majesty of these owls, hawks, and other species. Like our outdoor Birds of Prey programs, the Insight show features live birds in flight and “on the glove,” only in a climate controlled environment.
$300/45 minutes. Maximum 300 people.

Private Birds of Prey Flighted Program
This program demonstrates natural behaviors and adaptations of birds of prey using live, free-flying raptors such as hawks, falcons, owls and vultures. Learn about the unique role raptors play in the environment and what you can do to ensure their survival.
$400/45 minutes. Maximum 300 people.