Daily, during Callaway Gardens normal hours. 

Geocaching at Callaway Gardens allows you to be a part of a real-world treasure hunt with more than 40 caches across the 2,500 acre property. Don’t worry, there aren’t any pirates trying to steal the buried treasure you’re sure to find.

To view all Callaway Gardens Caches, click here.

How to Geocache:

  • Plug coordinates of a cache into GPS unit – follow direction/distance it tells you to go
  • Read clues to the geocache to help pinpoint exact location (GPS units aren’t perfect, especially under tree cover)
  • The direction the arrow points on the GPS is the straight line direction to the cache (“as the crow flies”) – you may have to go a bit out of the way, otherwise you will be walking through the woods and who knows what else. You will be able to stay on paths for the most part.

Types of caches

  • Bag/container with logbook inside – sign and record coordinates so you can enter online that you found the cache
  • Waterproof container with trade items inside – if you take something, replace it with something
    • Items include small toys, books, trinkets, postcards, etc. (inexpensive)
  • Activity cache – do something at the cache site (e.g. look for something around the actual cache, draw something, solve a riddle, etc.)

Please note, geocaching is an independent activity. Callaway Gardens is home to many caches but is not responsible for maintaining them or providing additional information. 

*Gardens admission is required.